Guillaume Apollinaire was an avant-garde poet, probably the first surrealist poet, since he probably coined the word surrealism to describe his theater play “Les Mamelles de Tirésias”. He was one of the original first-generation “bohémiens”, which around 1902 meant chilling in Paris with Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and the legendary Gertrude Stein, at a time when Hemingway was still crawling around in nappies, that is.

Apollinaire is widely known as a french poet, although he was born in Italy from a polish mother. Notorious for having been involved in the disappearance of the Mona Lisa in 1911, he published his poetry anthology “Alcools” in 1912, out of which the poem “Le Pont Mirabeau” is perhaps his best known work.

My first encounter with this work was through french singer Leo Ferré, who put this poem to music. Unfortunately, I’m unable to broadcast Leo Ferré’s version for you, but the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris keeps a unique and wonderful recording of Apollinaire reading this poem himself. This recording dates from 1914.

Incidently, here’s an English translation by John Holcombe:


00:00 Florence Artur, “Pink Rhino”,
This is the soundtrack for my video Pink Rhino. Abstract Audio expressed an interest, so I decided to upload it. I hope somebody will find it useful! I have no idea how to tag this, so I hope others will help with this… sorry, I’m not a musician and I’ve never done this before

07:36 Calling Sister Midnight (Melody Romancito), “Dirty Window Panes”,
Allowing myself a little time to blow off some steam I made this little dubstep exercise using the female vocalist samples I have posted on “Let Me In”

12:00 Markus Hablizel, “Gare du Nord”,k
Mono recording of an announcement plus some ambience at the train station Gare du Nord in Paris. I recorded this on a wednesday afternoon in April. The recording was done with a Sennheiser ME64 mono mic and a Fostex FR-2 field recorder.

14:26 Guillaume Apollinaire, “Le-Pont-Mirabeau”,
Le Pont Mirabeau was recorded by Apollinaire in 1913
Public domain

15:24 CDK (Jarret Skelton) ft. Fourstones, “December Nights”,
3/4 Dubstep mix to victors guitar. hope you like it.

20:14 Travis J. Morgan, “Deer_Chaser”,
created the track “Deer Chaser” using the sound of (you guessed it) a deer chaser I recorded in a Japanese garden. A “deer chaser,” also known as a “Shishi odoshi,” is a bamboo Japanese water fountain with an upright hollow pivoting arm attached to a water source that when the arm gets full it tips over creating a sharp unique sound. They were originally designed to scare deer away from a garden but are now also used as a garden ornament that adds a heartbeat to ones garden. See if you can figure out which sound comes from a deer chaser in the track.

22:28 Francesco Stablum, “False_Awakening”,
I wanted to create something calm and meditative. This is the result. used the “impeach” break, samples for “human rythms volume 1″ by ran dumb dots, the transverb granulizator, fm7, arptime and albino. Less samples and more synth than usual.

26:50 Aamu, “Not_Going_Anywhere”,
Took “Sick of Music” and squeezed music out of it.

30:04 Alvaro Ortiz, 5 Minutes of Dark Energy

35:02 Guillaume Apollinaire, “Le-Pont-Mirabeau”, as machine translated
Public domain

36:18 PerlssDj, “Platinum”,
This is a donation to NoiseCollector Records, the personal netlabel of my friend NoiseCollector. It’s a very noiseous and dark theme played at live.

I’ve used these sounds, and some samples by Telephone Toughguy, available at

44:58 Guillaume Apollinaire, “Le-Pont-Mirabeau”, as read by Kalynda for Librivox,
Public domain

46:14 kulimu, “Where Earth Meets Sea”
The lovely rythm of Ruggea’s voice inspired my first real try at dubstep.
It’s a really basic track, but I like how it sounds on a big subwoofer
I’m struggling to make the track any better though, so it would be great if you had some advice for me…

50:00 Ben Shewmaker – Eventide (
I discovered Freesound a few months ago and found some simply amazing field recordings. Some of my favorite were of sounds that were relaxing and/or typical evening sounds. I found a few I thought worked great together, and put it behind a simple synth melody I created (using an instrument from Reaktor). There isn’t much movement or complexities to the piece, but that is precisely the effect for which I was going.

54:56 C. Portable, ”Look_at_Me”,


57:24 Franz J. L. Thimm, French Self-Taught,
LibriVox recording of French Self-Taught, by Franz J. L. Thimm. Part of a Librivox initiative to develop a free language-learning resource.

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